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Our Approach

Whole Child, Whole family, Whole life Approach

Our combined educational and therapy approach is tailored to each individual’s needs and abilities and delivered by a highly skilled team including teachers, therapists, teaching assistants, a psychologist, a behavioral support worker, and a school nurse.

We view education in its widest sense. This means we educate and support each individual, as a whole person, within the context of their family and community life. Each and every aspect of learning for life is valued and addressed. Learning to dress, clean teeth, move independently, use a computer, communicate and socialize with others etc are all part of the educational curriculum and taught alongside the attainment of appropriate academic skills.

We believe in every person’s ability to learn, given the “just right” level of support and challenge. This is why our educational and therapy curriculum is tailor made to meet the needs of every individual

How we work

Our specialist teams develop learning programmers that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of each individual. Our Teachers and Therapists, for children in the early years and School classes, work very closely together and have developed a model that enables carry over of therapy goals into the classroom. In this way your child is not reliant on therapy sessions alone to learn, but are helped to practice their learning every day through the support of well trained teachers and teaching assistants. Similarly our therapists are knowledgeable about your child’s cognitive learning targets and will incorporate these, where possible, into their individual and group sessions. This sharing of knowledge and skills is what we call our Integrated Therapy and Education Approach.

Supporting Families

We believe in the value of working closely with you as the child’s main carer. We wish to support your efforts to help your child, and also we need to gain information from you that helps us understand your child. Our aim is to constantly improve the ways we work together and we have a positive approach to feedback and suggestions we get from families

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