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Speech and Language Therapy:

Speech and language therapists work with children who have mild to complex communication difficulties and need skilled support to help them develop language, communication and socialisation skills. We work closely with classroom staff and families to enable children to communicate across their day and to access their educational opportunities. Speech therapists will look at all aspects of communication including development of non verbal communication, play, vocalization, language development and the use of alternative and augmentative systems (AAC) This includes use of both low and high tech devices. We assess and advise on what is the best way your child can demonstrate their understanding, make choices, request and take greater control over their environment and social interactions.

Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapists have the ability to analyse and evaluate whether your child has sensory, perceptual, motor, cognitive, emotional and behavioural challenges to participation. We then devise programmes to promote engagement, exploration and achievement of skills. We support you as parents to help your child learn. We use a variety of approaches to help as part of Occupational therapy intervention including and not limited to sensory stimulation, sensory integration, goal orientated learning, conductive education and the neuro developmental approach.


Physiotherapists work with children and young people and their families to optimize the child’s physical function. We work to promote active movement, build strength, develop balance skills and maintain and improve range of movement and flexibility in the joints preventing contracture, deformity and pain. We help children and young people to develop a repertoire of movements to facilitate standing, stepping, walking and transferring in different environments. Detailed assessment of the child’s motor function including gross motor milestones, gait analysis, muscle tone, range and patterns of movement form the basis for bespoke programmes of intervention to maximize movement skills and functional mobility. Physiotherapists also advise on postural management, assess for adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, standers and walkers for use in school, at home and in the community and provide post operative rehabilitation where necessary.

Conductive education:

Conductive education (CE) is an integrated learning approach designed for children (and adults) with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy. It is aimed at enabling them to lead more active and meaningful lives. It is based on the belief that children can learn how to do things for themselves through engaging in activities that promote their self awareness and problem solving abilities. Children learn strategies and skills that help them achieve success in the challenges they face. It helps them learn that ‘I can do it’. The approach originated in Hungary in the 1940s and conductors have an intensive 4 year training. Therapists and teachers at the centre, under the guidance of a qualified conductor, are using the key principles and practice of this approach in the delivery of services to our early intervention children .

Sensory integration therapy:

Many children with physical and learning challenges also have difficulties using information from their senses to adapt to their environment and to learn. Some of our therapists (PT/OT/SLT) have specialist training in sensory integration and how to help children to use sensory information from the environment and their own bodies in an effective way rather than being challenged by it. Children can receive individualized or small group therapy sessions which promote their ability to process sensory information. The therapist’s specialist knowledge is also used in the centre to develop and deliver a curriculum that is responsive to children’s sensory needs. Sensory systems include touch, balance (vestibular) body awareness(proprioception), vision, hearing, taste and smell.

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