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School Calendar

Academic Year 2022 -2023

Term 1

Staff Return Monday 29th  August 2022
Students Return Monday 5th September 2022
Mid Term  Break

Staff Training Day

Students / Staff  Return

Wednesday 26th October 2022 [2.5 days]

Wednesday 26th October 202

Monday 31st October 2022

UAE National Day Thursday 1st& Friday 2nd December 2022

*Public Holiday to be confirmed by the Ministry and parents notified

Last Day of Term Wednesday  14th December 2022
Term 2
All Staff and Students  Monday 9th  January 2023


Mid Term BreakStudents

Staff Professional Training Day

Students and Staff Return

Wednesday 15th February 2023  [ 2.5 days]

Wednesday 15th February 2023

Monday 20th  February 2023

Last Day of Term Friday 24th March 2023
Term 3
Start of Term

all staff and students

Monday 10th April 2023
Eid Al Fitr Thursday 20th April –Sunday 23rd April

*Public holiday to be confirmed by the Ministry

Last Day for Students Friday  23rd June  2023
Last Day for Staff Tuesday 27th June 2023*
Eid Al Adha 28th June – 1st July 2023 *Public Holiday to be confirmed by the Ministry

Academic Year 2023 – 2024

Staff Return Monday 28th  August  2023
Students Return Monday 4th September 2023
●      All Religious Holidays are subject to Ministry announcement and may change

●      All holidays will be according to the Ministry approval