Behaviour Support Department

The behavior support team is primarily concerned with analyzing the stimuli for undesirable behavior. Based on this, we begin to develop appropriate behavior strategies that aim to either reduce or stop these stimuli in some cases, which affects the number of times the undesirable behavior may appear.

We work in partnership with parents, other carers or individuals who may be working with the child. Because only in this way can we guarantee continuity and thus achieve positive results.

This is done through:

Analyzing behavior and developing strategies for behavior intervention, with the aim of improving the child’s self-control, and increasing his ability to develop his skills in various fields.

Working along with the child’s family members and all those who work with him to better understand his needs first and then reduce his feelings of fear and anxiety, with the aim of making them an active party in the action plan and the change process.

Training the specialists inside and outside the center who are concerned with child care and working with him, to understand how to use behavior intervention strategies when dealing with him.

Department services:

Tests and scales:

• Behaviour disorder scales
• Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS)
• The childhood Asperger syndrome test
• Vineland adaptive behaviour scale
• ADHD scales
• IQ ( Intelligence Quotient)
• Vocational preferences test
• School social behaviour test


• Behaviour modification sessions
• Family counseling sessions


. Training of specialist and professionals in the field
. Training families to better understanding of their child’s needs
. Seminars and community awareness