General Introduction

Making a difference in the lives of students of determination, The Rashid Centre for students of Determination, was established in 1994. Since opening, we have been faced with many challenges to achieve the State’s strategy and the vision of its wise government, which did not only look at this category but also created a vision of faith, empowerment, employment and integration for the students. We have accelerated the development of our ever evolving Centre, which supports children from the age of 4 years, with a variety of disabilities including, physical, learning, and Sensory. We are proud that we offer a wide-ranging curriculum and a therapeutic approach that includes vocational training that has led to some of our students gaining employment.

The public and private sectors have continuously supported us on our journey, through donations, sponsorship, volunteering and supporting new initiatives as the Centre has continued to grow and adapt over these many years, to which we are extremely grateful.

Through our many years of experience in the field of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, the Centre has been able to develop our therapeutic and educational programs in accordance with ongoing research and best practice, utilizing the expertise of our dedicated and well qualified staff along with working in partnership with Universities and other organisations, which have all contributed to make the Rashid Centre what it is today.

We hope you will take time in looking at the different sections of this website, not only about the therapies or educational aspects, but also about the activities that our students enjoy.

Parents who are interested in registering their child

Parents who are interested in registering their child can contact the Education Administration and request an appointment to come and visit the Centre. During this visit they will get a tour around the Centre and have an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any particular needs for their child(ren).


All students at the Rashid Centre have additional learning needs which could make it more challenging for them to be included in a regular school at the time of admission. These different needs include a range of physical, cognitive and sensory processing challenges.

An initial assessment is completed prior to admission. Previous medical and psychological assessments generally indicate the student’s primary needs and the level of learning and other associated challenges. Therefore it is necessary for the Centre to provide an alternative or modified curriculum that meets the differentiated needs of the students. Students will be admitted once we are sure that we can meet their needs.


Once a student has started to attend the centre, during their first month, the class team will be assessing their individual needs, their areas of strengths and where additional support is required. At the end of the month a full baseline assessment will have been completed and the results of this assessment will be shared with the parents. This then informs the key targets and goals within the students Individual Education Plan / Individual Training Plan.