To help and support students of Determination. Our mission is to develop each student’s ability to participate actively in learning, by designing and delivering an integrated program of Education and Therapies which will enable them to take progressive steps towards learning and experience success.


To shape the future for People of Determination, by providing the best integrated education and therapy services.


• Child and family centred
• Personal Determination
• The development of each child’s personality
• Aspirations and dreams
• Integrated learning
• Dedication
• Empathy
• Expertise
• Innovation, creativity


Our aim is to deliver services that set high standards and expectations for students residing within the UAE, who face challenges and to develop awareness and understanding of disability issues in the Gulf countries. We promote educational and social inclusion.


  • To provide specialised programs which integrate all aspects of learning (language, communication, cognition, motor skills, self help skills, socialisation and play).
  • To provide services which are tailored to meet the needs of each individual student within the class, supporting group co-operation and socialization.
  • To provide an Early childhood Therapy Program, as part of our outpatient provision ,for young children and babies who have or are at risk of developing challenges in language, communication, cognition, motor skills, self-help skills, socialization and play.
  • To utilise the expertise of a range of professional staff within a trans-disciplinary team to offer the most appropriate programs for each individual student.
  • To promote and develop professional practice of a high standard.
  • To support and empower families, recognising their unique and key role in the life and development of their child.
  • To be a resource for information, equipment, and advice for families, other professionals and establishments.
  • To establish links with, and support students in mainstream schools as appropriate.
  • To develop a wide range of relationships within the educational community.
  • To promote co-operation between professionals in different areas, e.g. medical/therapy/educational services.
  • To offer workshops and seminars to develop knowledge and awareness of disability issues within the Gulf region.
  • To offer work experience for college age students and training placements for university students who are pursuing studies in Special Educational Needs or Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy or Speech-Language and Communication Therapy.
  • To offer volunteering opportunities of those willing to give their time and support for the centre.