Directress Message

The Rashid Center for people of determination was established in 1994, and during his career he faced many challenges, perhaps at the forefront of which is to deepen the community awareness of the issues and concerns of this group of society. Our development has been the fruit of this awareness. The public and private sectors have been quick to help us complete the process and develop the path. Over the past years, we have been challenged by the challenges of achieving the State’s strategy and the vision of its wise government, which did not look at this category but rather with a vision of faith, empowerment, employment and integration. We have accelerated the development of vocational training and rehabilitation programs that have led some of our students to receive job offers. Through its accumulated experience, the Center has been able to develop its therapeutic and rehabilitation programs in accordance with the best scientific theories and practical applications, drawing on the expertise of its qualified cadres of different nationalities and cultures, to serve the students who come from about 40 nationalities. The dignity of the human being who lives on their land. Over the years, our students have not been living on the margins of life. Our vision has been to integrate them into the community through cultural, artistic, sports and environmental activities and activities. They also participated actively in national events. Students’ trips to Mecca and Medina for Umrah, London and Kuala Lumpur Cairo, Athens, Delhi and other capitals and cities deepen this trend and these visions ..