Early Childhood Therapy Program

Play is an essential part of early learning. It is never just play; as play is the lifeblood of a child’s learning process. 

As children play, they are developing their cognitive, social, emotional, verbal / non verbal communication along with their physical skills. Young children are naturally curious and through their play they gain the skills and confidence, experience social interaction to become as independent as possible. 

At the Rashid Centre, we offer an Early Childhood Therapy Program,  from birth to five years. It is aimed at young children who have or at risk of developmental delays and/or disabilities. We will assess the child’s needs and build on their existing abilities with their family, who will be supported to continue the ‘play sessions’ at home, to support their child’s progress.  

We aim to reduce or eliminate the impact of  a young child’s existing disabilities, health conditions (including traumatic injury), and birth factors that could lead to the developmental delays, to aid their progress in daily functioning skills and social participation. Each Program will be unique for each child. Based upon their need. We can provide occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech-language therapy, and family support services in order to achieve their goals.

Our Early Childhood Therapy Program includes:

  • Diagnosing
  • Assessment
  • family guidance and supportincluding helping families to make decisions on adaptive equipment when and if needed by the child
  • Postural control, Improve balance, various physical needs
  • hold, explore, and play with toys of different sizes, shapes, and weight
  • Sensory Processing
  • ADL
  • Speech, language and communication

For further details. Please email : info@rashidc.ae 

We look forward to working with you.