Student Activities

Our last Assembly of the academic year included celebrating our students who were nominated for Stars of the Year.

Weekly Class Assemblies have started again : each class participates, sharing with all the other classes, topics or themes that they have been working on. Our assemblies start with the UAE National Anthem, followed by the class presenting their work or activity. After the class has finished, we then celebrate achievement and success by presenting students with a Certificate during ‘Star of the Week’

The students enjoy being nominated and due to the positive impact this has on their confidence and self esteem strive to be nominated many times…

Termly Art Competitions

Each term our students have the opportunity to showcase their talents and participate in a whole school `Art Competition’ Entries can be individual or from the whole class. Winners of the competition are awarded certificates and sometimes prizes during our weekly whole school assembly.

Example of the latest Art Competition to Celebrate Ramadan

Seniors Tuck Shop

The seniors  & healthy tuck shop allows students and staff to buy a range of foods and beverages that have been prepared by the senior department classes. Each day’s menu is freshly prepared.

The Tuck shop project links with the ASDAN Modules and supports the on going development of students’ life and pre vocational skills along with numeracy and pre work experience skills.

Overall Benefits of a healthy tuck shop

● Reinforces the classroom healthy eating education
● Promotes healthy eating and drinking habits
● Provides students with direct experience of following hygiene and food preparation requirements, communication and language skills, and implements numeracy and money handling
● Links to the ‘whole school approach’ to creating a Healthy School Nutrition Environment for snack time.

Future leaders’ Council ( FLC )

A Students’ Council is a group of elected students working together with a teacher within the framework of student  gaining the skills to express themselves and their ideas for the school and assistance in school affairs and activities, give opportunities for the students to experience leadership and encourage student to be more independent and to work and together

The Future Leaders Council started at the Rashid Centre in January 2019. The Council is a mix of students from the Senior Department.

Each year, there is a vote for the role of President and Vice President. All of the senior department participates, and vote for their choice from all the candidates. The students gain the experience of a voting and fully participate in the process.

The President and Vice President are encouraged to participate in whole school activities. Such as presenting certificates in the school assemblies. Welcome guests, and starting key activities like sports day ……..

Through the on-going support from Zara, [from Once Upon a Me] the students have set up their own rules for the meetings, have developed their skills to present a point of view, experienced reflective listening, and the President and Vice President have presented their ideas and thoughts to the Head Teacher and Senior Management Team, for consideration during planning meetings,

The Head Teacher has been invited to join a few of the meetings, to observe the process and listen to the students,