Learning and Teaching

Our teaching approaches recognise and reflect that each student is an individual with their own needs, aspirations and aptitudes. We aim to support each student and to cater for a range of learning styles.

We believe in active learning for all students at all stages. In promoting active learning, we recognise the importance of ensuring that learning experiences are stimulating and challenging.

We make full use of the local environment, including local businesses. Our aim is to make learning relevant and meaningful and to promote enthusiasm for life-long learning.

Not all students do the same work at the same time; within any class the teacher will regularly plan tasks that are set at different levels of difficulty according to the carefully identified and agreed next steps for each student.

Our Primary Education provides the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives. We believe that children learn best in a positive, caring environment and we aim to make your children’s time in our Centre as happy and fulfilling as possible.

Our Primary Section of the Centre comprises of our Early Years and Intermediate Department which includes our ILG classes.